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Brand Strategy
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360° Project Management

I help start-ups, SMEs, B to B and B to C businesses to:

  • Define point of differentiation and values that make them unique to specific targets
  • Elaborate core communication strategy and key messages
  • Articulate brand content, PR angles and brand statements 

Storytelling, brand story

Creativity, storytelling and long-term brand building for starts-up and SMEs are just as important as the features of a product or a service. In today’s environment, with technology and digitalization transforming business interactions, brands need to shift back to a far more proactive, personalised and engaged approach with their employees, partners and clients. Brands need to explain why they exist and why you should choose them.

Your brand’s story shapes your brand message and fuels your brand equity.

  • It builds committed and long-term relationship with employees to better deliver your company’s purpose
  • It reinforces legitimacy to clients, partners and investors 
  • It offers new ways to engage clients, strengthen relationships and drive real business value

I help start-ups, SMEs, B-to-B and B-to-C companies to reveal their brand story and make their business stand out from the crowd.

Ok fine, but what do I deliver and how?

  1. First I explore your business: your market, your positioning and define with your strategic communication objectives 
  2. Then I exchange with key company’s stakeholders to understand what’s your DNA
  3. Next we agree together on the values and key messages to focus on
  4. Finally, based on your objectives and budget I develop your brand story which could include:
    • communication platform
    • brand architecture
    • brand tone
    • PR key messages
    • sales pitch
    • social media thematic calendar etc…

I tailor make proposals according to your challenges and budget, from few hours to few days, I will help you to make your company unique